I’ve always seen accountancy as a way to unlock the potential of a business.

Yes, you need accurate and timely accounts but when you get behind the numbers, you can find many creative ways to make your business grow.

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 2000, I worked with a wide range of companies of different types and sizes. Ultimately I was Group Financial Controller at Buccleuch Estates, Scotland’s largest landowner with a £41m turnover. I also ran a £6 million turnover Buccleuch company in the Borders as its Managing Director before taking time out to have my family. During this time, I had the opportunity to share my knowledge with budding accountants as a Senior Lecturer with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland.

Over the years I discovered that it was working with businesses that I found the most rewarding. Being able to take away from business owners the stress of managing their own accounts and help them understand their business performance, is a very satisfying day’s work.

So in 2013, I took the decision to set up Lothian Accounting and concentrate on doing what I liked best.

It was essential to me that Lothian Accounting was a different kind of accounting service. One size definitely doesn’t fit all in accountancy. Every single client has different needs and it’s important to me to really understand what those needs are. That’s why I will always take a pro-active, tailored approach to working with you.

It’s all about helping you make money, taking some of the pressure and responsibilities off your shoulders, and as a result giving you back the time to focus on the things you’re best at.

You can also be confident of a complete and all-round professional service. I work closely with specialists in corporate law, financial planning and in some of Scotland’s leading larger accountancy firms.

So drop me an email and let’s talk about you and your business.

Please note that I have temporarily suspended taking on new clients until September 2022 due to a full client bank, however please do get in touch if you are looking for a new accountant or change in accountant in the medium term. 

Mimi Anderson